Jorgen Leth Collection 30-37: Experimental Films
The sixth and final box set in the Jorgen Leth Collection comprises his early experiments. Here we find Leth’s first films from the 1960s and early 1970s, when the poet and director moved into the world of film, playing around with images and sound. His very first film, from 1963, is about the jazz pianist Bud Powell. Like so many of these films, it is the product of a close collaboration with the cinematographer Ole John. Leth and John continued their tight partnership over the following years, exploring and challenging cinematic language.

Eventually, they expanded their collaborative form into the ABCinema movement, a film collective of artists from many different scenes, including among others Bjorn Norgaard, Per Kirkeby, Ursula Reuter, Lene Adler Petersen and Erik Thygesen. Only one of the films from the collective period is included in the box set. Still, the box set offers a portrait of "the artist as a young puppy", and supplements the early experiments with an array of bonus materials – almost a full five hours – chronicling the rise of ABCinema, describing the director’s life in Haiti today and pointing ahead to two brand new films about Leth. Brazilian 27 Scenes from 2008, is a previously unreleased, comprehensive portrait of the artist and his work.

As a special treat, we include a 10-minute appetizer for Leth’s next and much debated film, The Erotic Human. Plus, a series of fresh shots of 11 people’s personal views on the artist and his work, produced especially for this box.

3 x DVD9 | PAL | 480 min | 6.91 Gb + 7.23 Gb + 7.70 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Dansk
Subtitles: English, Dansk
Genre: Documentary

30. Stopforbud / Stop for Bud (1963), 12'
31. Se frem til en tryg tid / Look Forward to a Time of Security (1965), 10'
32. Naer himlen, naer jorden / Near Heaven, Near Earth (1968), 26'
33. Ofelias blomster / Ophelia's Flower (1968), 7'
34. Dyrehaven, den romantiske skov / The Deer Garden: The Romantic Forest (1970), 39'
35. Eddy Merckx i naerheden af en kop kaffe / Eddy Mercks in the Vicinity of a Cup of Coffee (1973), 29'
36. Composer Meets Quartet (1987), 28'

37. Eftersogningen / The Searchr (1971), 36'
--. ABCinema (2009), 28'
--. Katherine Dunham: Dancing with Life (1993), 14'
--. Det erotiske menneske (teaser) / The Erotic Human (Teaser) (2009), 10'
--. Jeg skriver tingene ned (teaser) / I Take Notes (Teaser) (2009), 7'
--. Jorgen Leth: Lyst og Fortvilelse (teaser) / Jorgen Leth: Desire and Despair (Teaser) (2009), 9'
--. Jorgen Leth on Haiti (2008), 52'

--. 27 Scenes about Jorgen Leth (2008), 72'
--. 11 Personlige Udsagn om Jorgen Leth og hans vaerk / 11 Personal Utterances About Jorgen Leth and His Work (2009), 113'

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