Kim Soo-yong Collection
Legendary director Kim Soo Yong made over 100 films in a career that has spanned over forty years. Most prolific in the sixties and seventies, he is particularly well known for his "literary films". Released by the Korean Film Archive, this boxset comes with four of his films - "The Seaside Village (Gaenma-eul)" that brought forth the era of “literary films” in the Korean movie world; "Confession of an Actress (Eoneu Yeobaeu-ui Gobaek)", an interesting testimony about Chungmu-ro in the 1960s and a movie about movie-making; "Mist (Angae)", which brought the novel "Travel to Mujin" written by Kim Seung-ok on screen and introduced the modernism drawing technique to Korean movies, and; "Night Journey (Yahaeng)" produced in 1973 but was released four years later after the deletion of some scenes due to censorship.

3 x DVD5 + DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 337 minutes
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean, Japanese
Genre: Drama

The Seashore Village (1965)
Based on a short story by Oh Young Soo, The Seashore Village is considered Kim Soo Yong's most representative literary film. Winner of Best Film at the 1965 Daejong Awards, the story is set at a fishing village in which many widows provide support for each other. Losing her husband soon after their marriage, Hae Sun's (Ko Eun Ah) beauty attracts the attention of many men, and she eventually yields to the advances of Sang Su (Shin Young Kyun). When their affair is revealed, Hae Sun has no choice but to leave the village.

-- Audio commentary by director Kim Soo-yong and film critic Kim Young-jin (subtitled in English and Korean)
-- “Filmmakers Documentary Series: Kim Soo-yong” documentary (55:43)
-- Image Gallery

Confessions of an Actress (1967)
A has-been actor (Kim Jin Kyu, The Housemaid) comes across his long-lost daughter (Nam Jeong Im) at a pub, but ashamed of his condition, he doesn't reveal his true identity to her. He helps her enter the film industry, and she eventually makes it big as an actress. By the time she realizes her father's identity, however, he has already disappeared.

-- Audio commentary by director Kim Soo-yong and film director Kim Hong-joon (subtitled in English and Korean)
-- Image Gallery

Mist (1967)
Draft dodger Ki Joon leaves his wife and returns to his hometown when problems arise at his company in Seoul. Back in his hometown, which is oft covered in mist, he falls in love with music teacher In Suk. When Yun hears that his company's problems have been settled, he leaves without a word, leaving In Suk with nothing more than a memory of love. Starring Shin Sung Il, Yoon Jeong Hee, and Kim Chung Chul.

-- Audio commentary by director Kim Soo-yong and film critic and director Chung Sung-ill (subtitled in English and Korean)
-- “Film to Digital Restoration of Mist: Before and After” featurette (6:28)
-- Image Gallery

Night Journey (1977)
Again starring top stars Yoon Jeong Hee and Shin Sung Il, Night Journey revolves around Lee and Pak, an engaged couple who work at the same bank and secretly live together. Lee is unsure of her future with Pak, leading her to make an important decision on their wedding day.

-- Audio commentary by director Kim Soo-yong and film critic Huh Moon-yung (subtitled in English and Korean)
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