La comtesse perverse 1973
A young woman (Kali Hansa) washes up on a beach and is discovered by Bob (Robert Woods) and his wife Moira (Tania Busselier). In her delirium, she tells them of how she snuck onto the island of the Count and Countess Zaroff (Howard Vernon and Alice Arno) in search of her missing twin sister only to be raped and tortured by the couple. Bob and Moira are hardly surprised, since they regularly procure women for the Zaroffs and have similar plans for Spanish tourist Silvia (Lina Romay), but not before everyone gets to indulge in the "pleasures of the flesh" in all its forms.

2 disc special edition contains:
la Comtesse Perverse (original director's cut version) and Sexy Nature (Les Croqueuses).

2 x DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:13:07 + 01:36:43 | 3.73 Gb + 4.31 Gb
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English, Deutsch
Genre: Adult, Horror, Thriller

Director: Jesus Franco (as Clifford Brown)
Cast: Alice Arno, Robert Woods, Howard Vernon
Country: France

Download La comtesse perverse / Countess Perverse / Sexy Nature / Les Croqueuses (1973) 2 x DVD5 Edition Tonfilm:



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