La obra completa de Walter Tournier
Walter Tournier (1944) is the most important figure of Uruguay's animation cinema. His films are destined to kids, teenagers and adults alike. They stand out for the naturality through which stories are woven, by means of seemingly simple processes of animation which are masterfully used. They have an additional layer of deep humanism and a light sense of humor which is somewhat sarcastic and provocatively naive. His techniques, which include hand-drawn animation and metal structures covered with different materials, have the mark of materials which are easily accessible.

After his first movie, "There Is Much To Do In The Jungle", Tournier went into exile. In Peru he made "Our Little Paradise", a satire of television which was deemed one of the 84 best animations in history by the Annecy Festival. In 1985 he came back to Uruguay, and here he stood out once more by his adaptations of Juceca (Don Veridico), by his two big impact comical tales ("The Chief And The Carpenter", and "Caribbean Christmas"), by his formidable visual and musical treatments of the rights of children, and by the series "Los tatitos", a landmark in Uruguayan television.

2 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 480 min | 6.52 Gb + 7.55 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Espanol
Subtitles: see below
Genre: Animation

Disc 1
-- En la selva hay mucho por hacer (1974)
-- El condor y el zorro (1980)
-- Nuestro pequeno paraiso (Our little paradise) (1983) - with english subtitles
-- Los cuentos de Don veridico (1986)
-- Los escondites del sol (1990)
-- Programa Madre Tierra (1991)
-- Tatitos (1997)

Disc 2
-- El jefe y el carpintero (The Chief and the carpenter) (2000) - with english subtitles
-- Tatitos (2001)
-- Navidad caribena (Caribbean Christmas) (2001) - with english subtitles
-- Carta democratica (2003)
-- Derechos del nino (2004) - with english and portuguese subtitles
-- Diversidad culural (2005)
-- Tachuela, Varilla y Lechuga (2003)
-- A pesar de todo (2003)
-- Aqua (2008)
-- Spots publicitarios (1991-1993)

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