La roue / The Wheel (1923) 2 x DVD9
As he had in J'Accuse (1919), Abel Gance introduced astonishing advances in cinematic art with his next work, La Roue (1923). His fellow French filmmaker Jean Cocteau was so impressed with the film's expressive power that he declared, "There is cinema before and after La Roue as there is painting before and after Picasso." Gance's advancement of sophisticated film editing techniques and the use of montage were especially remarkable -- and so impressive that Russian directors Sergei Eisenstein and Vsevolod Pudovkin traveled to France to personally thank him for opening their eyes to new possibilities.

Like its predecessor, La Roue is a tragic story of tortured love whose emotions come alive through Gance's imaginative genius. Sisif (Severin-Mars), a railroad engineer, adopts an orphan girl Norma (Ivy Close) and raises her as his daughter, along with his own son Elie (Gabriel de Gravone). After fifteen years pass, both father and son fall in love with the adopted girl, Norma, but she has been promised to another man. A fight between the two suitors ends in Elie's death, and Sisif blames her for the loss of his son. As the years pass, however, and Sisif loses his eyesight, the relationship between him and his adopted daughter takes an unexpected turn.

2 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 02:41:22 + 01:41:08 | 7.75 Gb + 6.18 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Silent with music score
Subtitles: English intertitles
Genre: Drama, Silent

Director: Abel Gance
Cast: Severin-Mars, Ivy Close, Gabriel de Gravone, Pierre Magnier, Max Maxudian, Georges Terof, Gil Clary
Country: France

• Short: Around the Wheel
• Original press book

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