Lac aux dames / Ladies Lake (1934) DVD5
Eric Heller, an unemployed engineer, finds work as a swimming instructor at a popular Austrian resort beside the alluring Lac-aux-dames lake. All the girls around are crazy about him. he falls in love with a Dany, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist named Lyssenhop.
One evening, whilst attempting to swim across the lake, Eric comes close to drowning but is saved by a mysterious young woman in a rowing boat. The woman, who is almost a girl, introduces herself as Puck and takes Eric back to her home, situated on a small island at the centre of the lake, so that he can recover from his ordeal. Puck has spent all her life alone with her father, a well-known recluse, and so takes an immediate liking to the handsome young engineer. With Puck’s help, Eric returns to the mainland and is soon pursuing a love affair with Dany. He regards Puck as no more than a friend, although she is infatuated with him...

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:30:17 | 3.91 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais (Dolby AC3, 2 ch)
Subtitles: English, Francais
Genre: Drama

Director: Marc Allegret
Cast: Rosine Derean, Simone Simon, Illa Meery, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Odette Joyeux, Vladimir Sokoloff, Maroulka, Michel Simon
Country: France

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