Fresh Bait 1995
L'Appat is Bertrand Tavernier's most disturbing film to date - a dark, pessimistic but believable reflection of adolescent disaffection and moral vacuity. By adopting a raw documentary style and encouraging his actors to give naturalistic performances, Tavernier heightens the shock-value inherent in the drama (which is based on a real-life case) to sickening proportions.

This drama examines three amoral young people living in Paris. 18-year-old Nathalie (Marie Gillain) works in a clothing store and dreams of opening her own boutique in the United States. She shares an apartment with her boyfriend Eric (Olivier Sitruk) and his slow-witted pal Bruno (Bruno Putzulu); she pays the rent while they stay home and watch crime movies on television. All three are looking for a fast and easy way to make some money, so together they devise a plan. Nathalie will hang out in nightclubs, meet prosperous-looking men, and go home with them. Once she's inside their apartments, she'll let in Eric and Bruno, and they'll rob the place of cash and valuables. The plan works well at first, before things go wrong one night...

This is a grim post-noir portrayal of a world and a generation that have totally lost their way - made cynical by social fragmentation and subsisting on a diet of trashy American crime thrillers. L'Appat is a difficult film to stomach, mainly because it strikes so near to such an unpalatable truth.

Director: Bertrand Tavernier
Cast: Marie Gillain, Olivier Sitruk, Bruno Putzulu, Richard Berry, Philippe Duclos, Marie Ravel, Clotilde Courau, Jean-Louis Richard, Christophe Odent, Jean-Paul Comart
Country: France
Genre: Crime, Drama

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:51:37 | 7.67 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English

-- Interview with Colo Tavernier O'Hagan, Marie Gillain, Bruno Putzulu and Olivier Sitruk (30:03)
-- Gallery (2:16)
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