Last Exit to Brooklyn 1989
The story takes place in the Brooklyn of 1952 (long before that borough's gentrification into the Hippest, Indie-Rockest place on earth). As depicted here, Brooklyn is an endless, damp, dark, and barren shipyard, as well as a bullpen for soldiers about to be shipped off to Korea from which they may never return.

Essentially a collection of parallel stories set around the tail end of a six month long strike in Brooklyn that has a devastating effect on the workers, their families and those who know them, the film throws out much that’s conventional in storytelling and instead focuses on the characters themselves, their addictions, their flaws and their small triumphs. It’s a dark, dark world, where the main protagonists include Tralala, a self-loathing prostitute (Jennifer Jason Leigh, brilliant in a typically challenging role), a corrupt union leader who despises his young family and pursues homosexual relationships as an outlet for his disillusionment, a tough middle-aged worker with a penchant for aggression whose daughter has become pregnant, and a young naive boy who lives to impress Tralala but doesn’t fit in to her world in the slightest.

These are bleak times for the characters in this story, and Edel’s filming of it does not shy away in the slightest from the grim self-destructiveness of the people that populate this world.

Director: Uli Edel
Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Stephen Lang, Burt Young, Peter Dobson, Stephen Baldwin
Country: USA, UK, West Germany
Genre: Drama

BD25 + DVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 01:42:55 | 22.1 Gb + 7.78 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English

• Commentary by Director Uli Edel and Screenwriter Desmond Nakano
• "The Making of 'The Last Exit to Brooklyn''': A 45-minute quasi-documentary on the making of the film, featuring some very interesting footage of the sets in Brooklyn, the shoot, and some interviews with Edel and producer Bernd Eichinger. The real characters that are portrayed in the film are also interviewed.

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