Le capitaine Fracasse / Captain Fracasse (1929) DVD9
Sigognac, a penniless young aristocrat, lives alone in his ruined castle.а One day, a troupe of travelling actors arrive at his door and ask for shelter for the night.а Glad of the company, Sigognac invites them in, and forms an instant bond of friendship with them.а He falls in love with the young ingenue, Isabelle, but a sense of duty to his ancestors prevents him from accepting an offer to travel with them to Paris.а Later, he changes his mind, and he hastens after his new friends.а When one of the actors dies, Sigognac takes his place, and becomes the Captain Fracasse.
A selfish Duke, Charles Boyer, also falls in love with Isabelle, which leads to fighting, duels and kidnapping. Fracasse must rescue the girl and defeat the Duke...

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:28:36 | 7.58 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Silent with music score
Subtitles: English intertitles
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Silent

Directors: Alberto Cavalcanti, Henry Wulschleger
Cast: Pierre Blanchar, Lien Deyers, Charles Boyer, Daniel Mendaille, Pola Illery
Country: France

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