Les Saisons - une tetralogie de Marcel Hanoun
Marcel Hanoun was born into a Jewish-Algerian family in Tunis in 1929, when Tunisia was still a French protectorate. Escaping the worst of World War II, he came to Paris to stay after the Liberation, and worked there as a journalist and a photographer. (His father had been an avid amateur camera buff, influencing his son’s vocation.) Hanoun directed his first film for television in 1956, about refugees from that year’s Soviet-suppressed Hungarian Uprising. This was also the year of Bresson’s A MAN ESCAPED (1956), a film which was a revelation to the young Hanoun—and the inextricable ideas of displacement and freedom would be key to the future work of this self-styled Wandering Jew. Like Bresson, Hanoun the filmmaker would be a theoretician as well as practitioner, his films the conscious workings-through of his ideas about cinema. In 1970 Jonas Mekas wrote, “I have not a drop of doubt that Marcel Hanoun is the most important and the most interesting French filmmaker since Bresson”. To the end of his life he continued to write copiously, and even edited two revues.

"The Seasons" is a quadriptych, which includes "Summer", Winter, "Spring", and "Autumn". This boxed set also includes a 100 page booklet about each of the films and includes an interview with the filmmaker.

L'ete / Summer (1968)
After the May 1968 uprisings in France, Graziella, a young girl of twenty, retires to live alone in a house lost in the Norman countryside. She relives, through a series of transferences and as though in search of catharsis, the ‘revolutionary’ events, measured not as anecdote, but rather through a psycho-dramatic conception of the kind that is permanent and essential.

L'hiver / Winter (1969)
Sophie, an actress, arrives in Bruges, where her husband, Julien, a filmmaker, has been commissioned to make a short documentary on the city and its art. He dreams of locating a dramatic action, a fiction film in the same landscape. The reality of the moment (which coincides with a time of crisis in their marriage) blends with Julien’s dream, with that of Sophie, and with the ‘waking dream’ of the film in progress.

Le printemps / Spring (1970)
The film tells two parallel stories: a man, fleeing the forces of order, takes refuge in the forest, while a young girl living with her grandmother in a nearby village approaches the threshold of adolescence, and begins to discover both the world and herself.

L'automne / Autumn (1972)
A filmmaker, Julien, and his new editing assistant, Anne, shut in an editing room, are working at a flatbed editing table. They talk about cinema, love, and communication.

4 x DVD | PAL | 295 min | 17.9 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama

Download Les Saisons - une tetralogie de Marcel Hanoun (The seasons - tetralogy of Marcel Hanoun): L'ete / Summer (1968), L'hiver / Winter (1969), Le printemps / Spring (1970), L'automne / Autumn (1972) 4 x DVD:





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