Les visiteurs du soir 1942
In the year 1485, the Devil sends two of his envoys to drive people to despair. Disguised as minstrels, they enter the castle of Baron Hughes (Fernand Ledoux), who is getting ready to marry his beautiful daughter Anne (Marie Dea).

During a lavish banquet, Baron Hughes invites Dominique (the legendary Arletty) and Gilles (Alain Cuny) to sing for Anne and her fiancee Renaud (Marcel Herrand). Gilles chooses a beautiful love song that quickly melts Anne's heart.

Later that night, the Devil's envoys use their magic and separate Anne and Renaud. Gilles forces Anne to fall in love with him, while Dominique puts a spell on Renaud and he accepts a ring from her that will always remind him of her. But in the days that follow something unusual happens - mesmerized by her purity and beauty, Gilles falls madly in love with Anne. The Devil (Jules Berry), who has been observing quietly his envoys from afar, immediately leaves his lair and heads to Earth.

Director: Marcel Carne
Cast: Arletty, Marie Dea, Fernand Ledoux, Alain Cuny
Country: France
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

BD50, DVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC 4:3 | 02:01:09 | 44.1 Gb + 7.69 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English


The Making of Les Visiteurs du Soir - a documentary film, titled L'aventure des "Visiteurs du soir", featuring interviews with author and Carne friend Didier Decon, archivist Andrew Heinrich, film historian Alain Petit, and journalist Philippe Morisson. The documentary was produced in 2009. In French, with optional English subtitles. (38 min, 1080i).

Trailer - original trailer for Les visiteurs du soir. In French, with optional English subtitles. (4 min, 1080p).