L'oeuvre video de Charles Guilbert et Serge Murphy / The video work of Charles Guilbert and Serge Murphy (1988 - 2005) 2 x DVD9
Over the past 20 years, Montreal videographers Serge Murphy and Charles Guilbert have created works that combine reality and fantasy, and that capture and release at the same time the experience and the human imagination.

The work of both artists is based on the sound (speech, song and music) as well as humor to deliver stories and experimental narrative style, which take place inside tables often surreal imagery.

Just like their videos with many components incorporate various audiovisual elements, the authors of this work are tremendously versatile and are multidisciplinary artists.

2 x DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 02:34:10 + 02:22:39 | 7.24 Gb + 6.56 Gb
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English
Genre: Experimental


Le garcon du fleuriste (The florist's son) 42 min., 1987
L'homme au tresor (Treasure man) 34 min., 1988
Sois sage, o ma douleur (Be good o my sorrow) 58 min., 1990
Au verso du monde (Outside looking in) 25 min., 1994
1837 secondes pour l'independance (1837 seconds for independance) 30 sec. and 17 sec., 1995


Le bal des anguilles (The eel dance) (69 min., 1992)
Rien ne t'aura, mon coeur (Rendez-vous for tender hearts) 45 min., 1997
J'ai reve longuement (I had a long dream) 8 min., 2000
Une chanson pour les fantomes (PhantomSong) 20 min., 2005
Lettre C (Gift) 1 min., 1998

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