Love & Basketball 2000
Love & Basketball is, as one can infer from the title, about love and basketball. The film follows the lives of two next-door neighbors, one male and one female, from their first meeting on the court at the age of 11 until a fateful night a dozen years in the future. Through all this time, their passion for basketball is equaled only by their passion for each other, but it's never clear for either of them which takes precedence - the game or the relationship.

Quincy and Monica two people so perfect for each other that everyone can see it except for them. The two met when Monica moved in next door to Quincy when the two were eleven. Staring then, they embarked on a love-hate relationship that spanned years.

Monica is different because of her love for basketball. She wants to be the first woman in the NBA. She doesn't enjoy wearing dresses, and has a quick temper. Quincy wants to grow up and emulate his father, a player for the Clippers. The story picks up in their senior year of high school. Monica's temper is causing recruiters to turn away, while Quincy is becoming a phenom that recruiters are flocking too. They both end up at USC, and their relationship turns from rivalry to love.

Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Cast: Glenndon Chatman, Jess Willard, Chris Warren, Kyla Pratt, Alfre Woodard, Naykia Harris, Harry Lennix, Debbi Morgan, Dennis Haysbert, Sanaa Lathan, Omar Epps
Country: United States
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sport

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 02:05:42 | 46.1 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English

• Two audio commentaries from 2000: one featuring Prince-Bythewood and actor Sanaa Lathan and the other featuring Prince-Bythewood, editor Terilyn A. Shropshire, and composer Terence Blanchard
• New making-of documentary featuring Prince-Bythewood, Lathan, actors Omar Epps and Alfre Woodard, producer and writer Reggie Rock Bythewood, and basketball adviser Colleen Matsuhara (38:06)
• Editing “Love & Basketball,” a new program featuring Prince Bythewood and Shropshire (16:24)
• New conversation among Prince-Bythewood, WNBA legend and Hall of Famer Sheryl Swoopes, and writer-producer-actor Lena Waithe (22:19)
• Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary by Prince-Bythewood and Shropshire (8:02)
• Audition tape excerpts (9:26)
• Two short films by Prince-Bythewood: her UCLA thesis film, Stitches (1991- 31:15), and Progress (1997 - 2:51), with a new introduction by Prince-Bythewood (3:58)
• Trailer (2:32)