Love Thy Neighbour The Complete Series
You can choose your friends, but whether you live in a back-to-back, a suburban semi or a mansion, you can rarely choose your neighbours...

In semi-suburban Twickenham, Eddie Booth is a passionately left-wing, ignorant Mancunian bigot who's not afraid of a racial epithet or two. When his new neighbours, Bill and Barbie Reynolds, turn out to be Trinidadian, he's far from pleased. But even worse than their colour - they vote Conservative.

Understandably, Eddie puts Bill's back up right from the off. From football to politics, they support opposing teams. But despite their differences, each man is far more alike the other than either would admit, and a begrudging respect develops between them. After all, there is a common enemy: their wives!

This complete-series set comprises the unscreened pilot episode, all eight series – in their intended running order for the first time – the Christmas 1972 short sketch for All Star Comedy Carnival, the 1973 New Year Special and a brand-new transfer of the 1973 feature film from its original film elements in its as-exhibited aspect ratio. All episodes are presented complete and uncut and have been remastered from the best available materials.

Creators: Vince Powell, Harry Driver
Cast: Jack Smethurst, Rudolph Walker, Nina Baden-Semper, Kate Williams
Country: UK
Genre: Comedy

9 x DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 1443 minutes | 53.7 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English