Lumiere! Le Cinematographe (1895-1905) 2 x Blu-Ray
Disc 1:
A selection of 114 short films produced by Auguste and Louis Lumiere (most were directed by Louis and his team of cinematographers), restored in 4K and assembled in a single montage. Including a lot of unknown rarities (like alternate versions of Employees Leaving the Lumiere Factory), this is an astonishing collection from cinema’s most undisputed pioneers.

Disc 2:
On the main feature of this bonus disc Eric Rohmer leads a conversation with Jean Renoir and Henri Langlois on the art of filmmaker Louis Lumiere and cinema in general. It’s a great documentary conversation and the English translation from the added subtitles is excellent. Also among the bonus: a 1953 reconstitution film by Paul Paviot about the main events around the beginnings of Lumiere’s Cinematographe, a short by Piwkowski as a tribute to the “first film” La sortie des usines and a short clip revisiting the same first film with Jerry Schartzberg, Michael Cimino, Pedro Almodovar and others.

2 x Blu-Ray | 1080p AVC | 01:35:05 | 24.8 Gb + 21.3 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Silent with Optional Musical Score
Genre: Documentary, Short

-- Optional presentation by Bertrand Tavernier (2 min., in French without subs)
-- 3 audio track options: Silent / Musical Score by Camille Saint-Saens / Commentaries by Thierry Fremaux (in French without subs)
-- Aller au cinema: Louis Lumiere (1968) - 66 min. (directed by Eric Rohmer, in French with optional English (custom) subtitles)
-- First Film / Pierwky Film (1982) - 10 min. (directed by Jozef Piwkowski, Silent with Musical Score, a few Polish intertitles with French subs)
-- L’heritage Lumiere: interview with Bertrand Tavernier - 8 min. (in French without subtitles)
-- Lumiere, au debut et pour toujours: interview with Thierry Fremaux - 19 min. (in French without subtitles)
-- Les nouvelles Sorties d’usine (Employees Leaving the Lumiere Factory Revisited): with Tarantino, Schartzberg, Cimino, Almodovar, Sorrentino, Dolan - 3 min. (Silent with Musical Score)
-- Lumiere! Le cinema invente: 2 clips for the 2015 exposition event - 3 min.

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