Man in a Suitcase (1966 - 1968) 8 x DVD9 The Complete Series: Special Edition
With some of the crew of Danger Man in place, writers Richard Harris and Dennis Spooner decided to do a lone wolf spy thriller series about a CIA agent who botched a mission so bad that he was exiled from the U.S. and Richard Bradford (in an underrated performance) plays a man simply known as McGill in Man In A Suitcase, a very good, different entry in the many TV series involving espionage fiction.

Anybody who’s been in intelligence soon learns it’s a dead end business. CIA agent McGill (Richard Bradford) has been in it too long. Now he’s out ... in the cold ... on the run. He’s accused of treason, with both sides after him and no way to clear himself. With only a suitcase and a gun, McGill is a discredited secret agent whose career has been shattered and his reputation ruined. Risking his life is part of the business as he travels the globe plying the only skill he knows – undercover espionage!

Since its debut, the series has achieved cult status among TV fans around the world as one of the hardest to find ITC classics. Umbrella Entertainment presents the entire series of Man In A Suitcase, all thirty episodes re-mastered, complete and uncut, released for the first time ever, with special features including Exclusive Audio Commentaries with series star Richard Bradford, writer Philip Broadley, director Peter Duffell, episode introductions by Jane Merrow and George Sewell, plus Original ITC publicity, memorabilia, rare production photographs and more, this is the definitive special edition of a cult TV classic.

8 x DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 30 x ~50mins | 55.5 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Directors: Charles Crichton, Gerry O'Hara, Robert Tronson, Pat Jackson, Freddie Francis, Herbert Wise
Cast: Richard Bradford, Jane Merrow, George Sewell, Donald Sutherland, Jacqueline Pearce
Country: UK

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