Mario Ruspoli, Prince of the Whales 2011
Mario Ruspoli, Prince of the Whales is an impressive documentary which explores the life and work of documentary filmmaker and artist Ruspoli. The feature-film is directed by Florence Dauman (Hollywood Mavericks). The piece explores the work of the acclaimed artist through captivating interviews with family and friends.

Ruspoli was renowned for his contributions to documentary filmmaking. Fellow filmmakers, family members, and friends recount the efforts of the artist and the significant historical elements which revolved around his development as an artist. Known as a filmmaker, artist, and writer, Ruspoli experimented in his field and managed to come up with a number of unique shorts that made his illustrious career a defining one.

Born in Rome, Ruspoli spent much of his life as an artist living in Paris, France. The documentary filmmaker delved into his stories with an emphasis on historical accounts and on entomology. The importance of art – and storytelling – was central to his life and work. Mario Ruspoli, Prince of the Whales explores those elements with a heartfelt eye.

BD50 | 1080p AVC | 01:19:58 | 44.6 Gb + 3% rec
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary


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-- The Whalers (1958) (HD, 25:53)
-- The Earth's Forgotten (1961) (HD, 41:26)
-- A Look at Madness (1961) (HD, 35:13)
-- Captive Feast (1961) (HD, 14:54)
-- The Last Drink (1964) (HD, 23:02)
-- Chaval (1970) (HD, 15:28)
-- Le Chavalanthrope (1972) (HD, 10:37)
-- Three Cheers for the Whale (1972) (HD, 17:55)


-- A Bigger Splash (HD, 1:40)
-- The Competition (HD, 2:07)
-- Downtown 81 (HD, 1:29)
-- Duet for Cannibals (HD, 00:33)
-- Hyenas (HD, 1:26)
-- Prairie Trilogy (SD, 1:01)
-- The Raft (HD, 1:50)