Mikael / Chained: The Story of the Third Sex / Michael (1924) DVD9 USA and European versions
The Michael of the title, played by a young and slender Walter Slezak, is a young artist who serves as protege to a master painter Claude Zoret (Benjamin Christensen). The two live in the elaborately furnished mansion of Zoret, who lavishes every luxury upon his younger companion. After Zoret agrees to paint the portrait of a beautiful but financially troubled countess (Grete Mosheim), Michael falls in love with her and exploits his master by borrowing money in his name and selling his valuable sketches -- all so that he can provide the countess with cash.
Michael's relationship with the Countess becomes a tremendous strain on the Master who sees nothing but ingratitude and betrayal in the actions of his adoptive son.

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 01:25:58 + 01:29:55 | 7.95 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English and German intertitles
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance, Silent

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer
Cast: Walter Slezak, Benjamin Christensen, Nora Gregor
Country: Germany

Contents of this Disc:

- The film (US version, 1h 25m 58s) transfer by David Shepard, 2004. (released in North America by Kino)
- new English inter-titles (with optional Chinese subtitles)
- newly-recorded piano score for this release by Neal Kurz (heavily based on music by Liszt, but also adapting music by Schubert, Tchaikovsky, and others)
- alternative audio commentary track by Casper Tybjerg (Dreyer scholar)

- The film (European version, 1h 29m 55s) Transit Film, 1993. Put together for Arte Television, and shown theatrically around the world
- original German inter-titles (with optional English and Chinese subtitles)
- score by Pierre Oser (for piano, clarinet, and cello)

- Illustrated audio interview with Dreyer (recorded in New York, September 1965)

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