Nella citta l'inferno / Hell in the City / ...and the Wild Wild Women (1959) DVD9
The film "Nella Citta l'inferno" is about a young maid Lina goes to prison due to the machinations of her lover. In prison, she gets custody of Egle, women, taught by bitter experience of life in prison, which enjoys a great reputation. She pushes Lina toward greater independence and aggressiveness. Egle Woman pours all dirty life in prison, corrupting her with his immoral actions. Later, Lin justified, but she does not forget the instructions Egle ... She can not go back to her old life. Soon she was again sent to prison, but not naive girl, and vulgar and wild embittered prostitute, thereby shocking even his "teacher".
Prison has become a way of life, as it is for so many.

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:31:49 | 7.08 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Italiano
Subtitles: English, Italiano
Genre: Drama

Director: Renato Castellani
Cast: Anna Magnani, Giulietta Masina, Myriam Bru
Country: Italy, France

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