Nem leszek a baratod / I Will Not Be Your Friend (2009), Nem vagyok a baratod / I Am Not Your Friend (2009), Nem vagy a baratom / You're not my friend (2009) 3 x DVD
Nem vagyok a baratod / I Am Not Your Friend (2009)
Sara loves Mark and they are expecting a baby. He loves her too, but he also loves Sophie. She has eyes for Andras, it's just that he's married to Rita, who looks after young Natasha - and so on and so forth. His new project confirms director Gyoergy Palfi (Taxidermia) as an experimental provocateur.
A film of improvisations – not only from the part of the nine amateur actors, but from the D.O.P, the director and the scriptwriters as well. The story unfolded itself instantly by the reactions and ideas of actors during the 20 days of shooting and developed into what is presented to the audience. But the story perhaps is less important than the world which opens up in front of us, a taste of Budapest in January 2008.

DVD9 | PAL 16:9 | 01:27:21 | 3.74 Gb + 7.38 Gb + 6.56 Gb
Language: Magyar
Subtitles: English, Magyar
Genre: Drama; Documentary, Short, Comedy

Director: Gyorgy Palfi
Cast: Csaba Czene, Kata Farkas, Kamilla Fatyol
Country: Hungary

Disc 1: Nem leszek a baratod / I Will Not Be Your Friend

Documentary about kindergarten-age kids at school interacting and the kids’ performances are spectacularly naturalistic and also realistic — they spend considerable time declaring who is and isn’t one another’s friends.

DVD includes: documentary - short (13 min.) and extended (48 min.) version, audio commentary (director & kindergarten teacher), photogallery, bonus scenes

Disc 2: Nem vagyok a baratod / I Am Not Your Friend

Throwing nine attractive bodies together for the space of twenty long days, Palfi let them ad lib with abandon for the sake of art. What he got in return was impermanency, instability and bland emotional immaturity. In other words, what he got was reality. I Am Not Your Friend snakes around Sara (Kamilla Fatyol), who is pregnant by and in love with Mark (Zsolt Pall). But Mark loves Sophie (Kata Farkas), a girl who despises being cheated upon. All Sophie wants is someone to spoil her silly, which would have normally suited Andras (Csaba Gosztonyi) just fine, if he wasn't already busy spoiling his wife, Rita (Gyongyver Orszagh), who is in turn nurturing the friendly Natasha (Kim Corbisier). Bypass Jimmy (Csaba Czene) and you'll get to Petra (Eszter Toth), who loves Etele (Istvan Szulek), who runs full circle by hankering after Sara, the first in line for love. Nobody gets it, of course, or anything else they want, and no one wants what they ultimately get.

DVD includes: main movie, audio commentary, photogallery, bonus scenes, making off

Disc 3: Nem vagy a baratom / You're not my friend

Film about the casting process

DVD includes: main movie, interviews, photogallery, bonus scenes

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