Neurot Recordings I 2004
Neurot Recordings is more than a record label - it is the mouthpiece for a community that redefines the concept of "heavy" music. It is a conduit for like-minded experimental artists whose only common goal may be to create sounds that challenge the mind while expressing true passion and soul. It isn't a label concerned with a niche sound or releasing recordings based on their commercial potential.

Neurot Recordings began in 1999 as a means to collect the varied Neurosis-related projects - such as Tribes of Neurot, Blood & Time and the solo endeavors of guitarist/vocalists Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly. The label quickly grew to encompass a wide variety of innovative and important artists. Each of these affiliated artists explore the boundaries of music in their own way, combining and refining sounds, be they psychedelic, ambient, melodic, avant-noise, folk, bludgeoning rock or any combination thereof.

This compilation offers a wealth of both audio and video content for the Neurot Recordings fan.

DVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:14:46 + 00:39:22 | 3.68 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Experimental, Musical

DVD track listing:
tracks are video unless noted as audio-only
* denotes previously unreleased track

1. Neurosis, Stones From The Sky
2. Tribes of Neurot, Duality I *
3. Bee & Flower, I Know Your Name *
4. Tarentel, Put It On The Ground *
5. Tribes of Neurot, Cairn *
6. Oxbow, Excerpt from Music For Adults
7. VHK (Galloping Coroners), With My Ancestors *
8. VHK (Galloping Coroners), Battle of the Huns *
9. KK Null, Atomik Flash * (audio only)
10. House of Low Culture , On the Upswing (audio only)
11. Vitriol, Rectificando (audio only)
12. Physics, Level 4 (audio only)
13. Amber Asylum, Riviera (audio only)
14. Scott Kelly, I Don't Feel You Anymore (audio only)

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