Ocean Girl The Complete Series
This fantasy-adventure series is produced and shot in Australia. Set underwater, in tropical rain forests, around waterfalls, lagoons and the coral reef, "Ocean Girl" focuses on Neri and two boys, Jason and Brett Bates, who discover her.

Neri can swim amazingly fast and communicate telepathically with her best friend, a 40-ton humpback whale she calls Charley. The boys' recently divorced marine biologist mother, Dianne Bates, has moved her family to ORCA, a futuristic underwater research colony in the Great Barrier Reef. Bates set out to study the brain patterns of the humpback whale, choosing Charley as their subject.

After the boys befriend Neri (and keep her a secret from their mother), she shows them the beauty of the environment.

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 1950 minutes | 74 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Creator: Jonathan M. Shiff
Cast: Marzena Godecki, David Hoflin, Jeffrey Walker
Country: Australia

In series one (1994, 13 episodes), Neri, the mysterious girl from the sea with her humpback whale companion Charley, meets the Bates family from the futuristic underwater city of ORCA. Lonely Neri struggles to find her place in this new world. She must choose between life in ORCA with her new ‘family’ or the freedom of the ocean.

In series two (1995, 13 episodes), Neri, aided by the kids from ORCA, uncovers the incredible truth about her journey from space – and finds the sister she never knew existed. With the chance to go back to where she came from, Neri has to make another big decision about her future. Will she go home with her sister Mera or will she stay to continue her father’s mission to watch over the oceans?

In series three (1996, 26 episodes), Neri and the children from ORCA set out in search of the pieces of an alien device which, when assembled, is capable of controlling the movement of the oceans. When the dark forces of Ubri also stumble upon its existence, the race is on. At stake is the Earth’s salvation – or its destruction – and it is up to the children and Neri to be the first to find the only means by which the oceans, and the earth itself, can be saved.

In series four (1997, 26 episodes), Neri discovers an underwater pyramid, built long ago by voyagers from her own planet. The action now includes Egypt and the Australian outback, as a terrible battle with alien rebel forces from Neri’s planet takes place. Neri engages in a deadly struggle with a rival princess for control of the mystical pyramid on Earth, which can save humanity or destroy it.