Oliver Twist (1948) Blu-Ray
This film recounts Charles Dickens' classic tale of life among the poor and criminal elements in 19th century London.
A young boy, raised in a workhouse for orphans, is punished for insubordination by being farmed out as an apprentice to an undertaker. After much abuse, he escapes and falls in with a gang of street urchins who pick pockets on the streets of London. The wayward youths are presided over by a trio of corrupt adults, the brutal Bill Sikes, his mistress Nancy and Fagin, the criminal mastermind behind the boys' thefts. Oliver is quickly assimilated into the group but on his first foray into the teeming streets he is accused of trying to steal a man's wallet. Instead of being carted away by the police he is taken in by his intended victim who tries to educate and reform him...

BD25 | 1080i AVC | 01:51:07 | 21.3 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, French (DTS-HD Master Audio)
Subtitles: French
Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama

Director: David Lean
Cast: Robert Newton, Alec Guinness, Kay Walsh, John Howard Davies
Country: UK

• "A Profile of Oliver Twist" - Interviews with Sir Ronald Neame (producer), Guy Green (director of photography), Oswald Morris (camera operator) and Norman Spencer (production manager). (English with optional french subs)
• Interview with Laurent Bury, Professor of English Literature at the University of Lyon 2 (French, no subs)
• Casting appeal for "Oliver Twist" with Anthony Wager (English with optional french subs)
• Trailer

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