Olympia: The Complete Original Version (The Leni Riefenstahl Archival Collection)
OLYMPIA is a 1938 German documentary film written, directed and produced by Leni Riefenstahl, documenting the 1936 Summer Olympics, held in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany. The film was released in two parts: Olympia 1. Teil — Fest der Volker (Festival of Nations) and Olympia 2. Teil — Fest der Schonheit (Festival of Beauty).

It was the first documentary feature film of the Olympic Games ever made. Many advanced motion picture techniques, which later became industry standards but which were groundbreaking at the time, were employed —including unusual camera angles, smash cuts, extreme close-ups, placing tracking shot rails within the bleachers, and the like. The techniques employed are almost universally admired, but the film is controversial due to its political context. Nevertheless, the film appears on many lists of the greatest films of all-time, including Time magazine's "All-Time 100 Movies."

Olympia set the precedent for future films documenting and glorifying the Olympic Games, particularly the Summer Games. The 1936 Summer Olympics torch relay was devised by the German sports official Dr. Carl Diem for these Olympic Games in Berlin. Riefenstahl later staged the torch relay for this film, as with competitive events of the Games.

This limited edition 2-disc set features the complete original version of OLYMPIA, presented for the first time on DVD.

DVD5 + DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 01:54:55 + 01:28:17 | 4.36 Gb + 6.77 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Deutsch, English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary, Sport

Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations Riefenstahl shot a documentary that celebrates the human body by combining the poetry of the bodies in motion with close-ups of athletes in the heat of competition. Includes Jesse Owen's sprint races at the 1936 Olympic games and Adolf Hitler looking on in amazement as Owens wins an unprecedented four Gold Medals.

Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty Riefenstahl captures the grace of the athletes during field hockey, soccer, bicycling, equestrian, aquatic and gymnastic events. Highlights are the Pentathlon and the Decathlon, which was won by American Glenn Morris; it ends with the triumphant conclusion of the games.

• Alternate English Main Titles (1:00)
• Biography
• Deleted Scene: "Olympia Oath"
• Alternate Scenes
• Still Gallery
• Essay by film historian David Calvert Smith
• Archival short film "Jugend Der Welt" ("Youth of the World"), official documentary of the 1936 Winter Olympics at Gaemisch-Partenkirchen
• Archival short film "Die Kamera Fahrt Mit" ("The Camera Goes Along"), featuring footage from Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia and Triumph of the Will

Download Olympia: The Complete Original Version (The Leni Riefenstahl Archival Collection): Olympia 1. Teil - Fest der Volker / Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations (1938), Olympia 2. Teil - Fest der Schonheit / Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty (1938) 2 x DVD:



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