One-Eyed Jacks 1961 Criterion Collection
The handsome bandit Rio (Marlon Brandon) and his best pal Dad Longworth (Karl Malden, On the Waterfront) rob a bank somewhere in the heart of Mexico and then run away with two sacks of gold. Not too long after that, they are surrounded by the Federales on the top of a windy hill with only one of their horses still breathing. Dad wins a draw to bring back fresh mounts from a nearby village while Rio covers for him, but once he sneaks out he decides to dump his partner and pocket all of the gold. Meanwhile, the Federales storm the hill and arrest Rio.

Five years later, Rio escapes from prison and goes looking for Dad. In a rundown bar in Mexico, Rio learns from bank robber Bob Amory (Ben Johnson, The Wild Bunch) that Dad has been living the good life as a sheriff in Monterey. Rio then lets Bob convince him to ride with his posse to Monterey and take down Dad while his men empty the local bank's new safe. It all goes according to Bob's plan until Rio meets his old partner and after he invites him to have dinner with his family falls madly in love with his beautiful daughter Louisa (Pina Pellicer). When later on Dad discovers that Louisa is carrying Rio's baby, all hell breaks loose.

Director: Marlon Brando
Cast: Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Pina Pellicer, Katy Jurado
Country: USA
Genre: Western

BD50 + 2xDVD | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 02:21:23 | 43 Gb + 11 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English

The current version of the film, which runs at approximately 141 minutes, isn't Brando's original edit (which according to various reputable sources was well over five hours long). It was finalized by Paramount, and even though it turned out to be quite successful at the box office Brando never felt that it was what he initially intended audiences to see.


• Introduction by Martin Scorsese - this video introduction by director Martin Scorsese was recorded in 2016 by The Film Foundation for the upcoming special presentation of the new restoration of One-Eyed Jacks the Cannes Film Festival. In English, not subtitled. (3 min).

• Marlon Brando - presented here is a collection of audio selections which Marlon Brando likely recorded in 1958 while Stanley Kubrick was still set to direct One-Eyed Jacks. Many of these selections highlight key differences between Marlon Brando's original vision and what ended up being the final version of the film which Paramount edited and distributed in cinemas across the United States. In English, not subtitled. (34 min).

• A Million Feet of Film - presented here is a brand new video essay by film historian Toby Roan which focuses on the fascinating production history of One-Eyed Jacks. In English, not subtitled. (24 min).

• I Ain't Hung Yet - presented here is a new video essay by filmmaker and critic David Cairns which focuses on the visual style and narrative structure of One-Eyed Jacks. In English, not subtitled. (25 min).

• Trailer - original trailer for One-Eyed Jacks. In English, not subtitled. (5 min)

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