Otroci socializma Zamenite mi glavo 2012
Director Brane Bitenc tells a story of a cult Slovenian post-punk band Otroci socializma, the so called Slovenian Joy Division that first came to life as "trio without a vocalist" in 1981. A few months later the author of presented film contributed to this project with his recognizable, recitative voice and delicate, expressive lyrics. We can feel a part of the group’s story when they re-united for a gig in their hometown Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

A dark shadow of the past political regime and intimate existential anguishes of teenagers, trapped in the system; searching for their own footprints through proverbial sex, drugs and rock'n'roll; memories of the time, when punk was happening, that stay on the safe side of the thin border between sentimentality and nostalgia.

Popular Yugoslav synth pop band Videosex came out of Otroci socializma and they belonged to the same wave of alterna-rock with Laibach.
Overall, this film is a valuable document of the Yugoslav punk scene and especially their Slovenian wing.

DVD5 | PAL 16:9 | 00:44:56 | 2.03 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Slovenian
Subtitles: English (hardcoded)
Genre: Documentary, Music

Download Otroci socializma - Zamenite mi glavo / Children of Socialism - Replace My Head (2012) DVD5:


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