Pere Portabella Complete Works
Pere Portabella's work as producer and director has largely taken place on the margins of the film industry. Although he will not accept the label "underground," he takes pride in the fact that his films have never been "commercial," a word he despises. Following the lead of Jean-Luc Godard and the more radical artists from the nouvelle vague, he experimented with film language, always questioning the classical, linear, straightforward notion of narration and representation. In his own words: "I have always thought that the main political dimension of my films lies in attacking linguistic codes. Ideology impregnates society through the dominant languages. I have never seen myself as working on a film that is 'transparent' of supposedly more 'comprehensible' codes. I understand their tactical function in certain political situations. But what I think has maintained the interest in my films beyond their juncture, is the way in which they are all related, within their contexts, through the complexity, rather than the complication, of language, and a subversion of the dominant codes."

7 x DVD | PAL | 869 min.
Language: Spanish, Catalonian
Subtitles: English, Espanol, Francais

The work of Pere Portabella stands at the crossroads of art, film and politics. Close to the surrealist sensibility and conceptualism (he produced Viridiana by Luis Bunuel in 1962, among his colleagues are Brossa and Carles Santos), he has created since the late sixties one of the most unique filmographies of Spanish cinema, alternating with his political activity as a parliamentarian and senator. In his films, Portabella uses strategies of estrangement and dislocation that both formally bypass censorship as to enhance the expressive range of works, leading to fascinating symbolizations.

- No Compteu Amb Els Dits. 1967. 26 Min.
- Nocturno 29. 1968. 83 Min.
- Lectura Brossa. 2003. 38 Min.

- Vampir – Cuadecuc. 1970. 75 Min.
- Play Back. 1970. 8 Min.
- Accio Santos. 1973. 12 Min.

- Umbracle. 1972. 85 Min
- El Sopar. 1974. 50 Min
- Poetes Catalans. 1970. 30 Min

- Aidez L'Espagne. 1969. 5 Min
- Miro L'Altre. 1969. 15 Min
- Miro La Forja. 1973. 24 Min
- Miro Tapis. 1973. 22 Min
- Premios Nacionales. 1969. 4 Min

- Informe General Sobre Algunas Cuestiones De Interes Para Una Proyeccion Publica. 1976. 173 Min

- Puente De Varsovia. 1989. 85 Min
- La Tempesta. 2003. 6 Min
- No Al No. 2006. 3 Min
- Plan Hidrologico. 2004. 3 Min

- Die Stille Vor Bach. 2007. 102 Min
- Mudanza. 2008. 20 Min
- Uno De Aquéllos. 2010. 3 Min

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