Petrina hronia / Stone Years (1985), Eleftherios Venizelos: 1910-1927 (1980), Happy Day (1976) 3 x DVD
Stone Years
Pantelis Voulgaris' epic is set during the "stone years" of recent Greek history (1954-1974) when membership of the Communist Party was illegal, and repressive governments punished members with imprisonment.
This is the true story of a young couple fighting for love and freedom. The story begins in 1954 when they met, and goes on through the hard years of illegality, persecution, arrests and imprisonment. In the little time of freedom that they have, they try to enjoy one another. After the fall of the junta in 1974. They realise that in all those years they had spent only 70 hours together...
"Petrina Hronia" consolidated the position of Pantelis Voulgaris in Greece as the most prominent filmmaker after Theo Angelopoulos. This film is also famous for its soundtrack composed by Stamatis Spanoudakis.

Eleftherios Venizelos: 1910-1927
Historical documentary concerning the life and activity of the great Greek politician, who contributed decisively to the formation of modern Greece’s character. Venizelos arrived in Athens in 1909, after the Goudi Movement, at the invitation of the Military League and, after becoming prime ministry, had a conflict with the Palace. The film is following the steps of the man through various documents (cinematic newsreel, pictures and newspapers) - from his starting point in Mournies in Crete, to his death.

Happy Day
A concentration camp on a barren island is hell for the exiled prisoners. The everyday life of the people who live there consists of interrogations, psychological and physical violence, arbitrary punishments and other torments. One of the prisoners staunchly refuses to sign the "Declaration of Repentance". He is badly beaten, thrown into the sea, is presumed dead, and his family is told that he has committed suicide. But he survives...

2 x DVD9 + DVD5 | PAL | 02:17:56 + 02:37:19 + 01:36:38 | 7.41 Gb + 6.89 Gb + 4.11 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama, History, Romance, Biography

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