Picnic at Hanging Rock 1975
Director Peter Weir's (The Last Wave, The Truman Show) 1975 film Picnic At Hanging Rock helped initiate the first wave of interest in Australian moviemaking.

The story at first revolves around a girl’s school in Victoria, Australia, in 1900, and the students’ St. Valentine’s Day outing to the imposing volcanic monument, Hanging Rock (which is a very real place). Upon arrival, quiet weirdness abounds, and after several lazy, dreamlike hours, three of the girls and one of the teachers have gone missing. The second half of the film studies the effects the disappearances have on not only the school, but also the nearby town and its variety of residents. It is, after all, a small town at the turn of the century where people do not just disappear.

It's a beautifully shot, haunted, and haunting movie, a classic example of the power of suggestiveness, elusiveness, and understatement and a peerless mystery in the truest sense of the word.

Director: Peter Weir
Cast: Rachel Roberts, Anne-Louise Lambert, Vivean Gray
Country: Australia
Genre: Drama, Mystery


• David Thomson Introduction - in this new video piece, film scholar David Thomson introduces Picnic at Hanging Rock and discusses the film's unique themes and construction. The introduction was filmed exclusively for Criterion in 2014

• Everything Begins and Ends - in this new documentary, coproducer Hal McElroy, director of photography Russell Boyd, actress Helen Morse (Mademoiselle de Poitiers), coproducer Jim McElroy, actress Anne Lambert (Miranda), and executive producer Patricia Lovell discuss the production history of Picnic at Hanging Rock and the unique story it tells. The interviews included in the documentary were conducted in 2003

• A Recollection... Hanging Rock 1900 - a documentary exploring the fascinating subject of the film, its production history and success. The documentary, which was produced by Patricia Lovell, features interviews with different cast and crew members

• Peter Weir - in this archival video interview, director Peter Weir recalls his initial impression of Joan Lindsay's beautiful novel and how Picnic at Hanging Rock came to exist, and discusses the Australian film industry during the early '70s, the film's production history, the casting process, the shooting of specific sequences, etc. The interview was conducted in 2003

• Homesdale - Peter Weir's 1971 film Homesdale inspired executive producer Patricia Lovell to approach him about directing Picnic at Hanging Rock. The film, which was shot at the director's home in Sydney, won the Grand Prix at the 1971 Australian Film Industry Awards. In black and white

• Trailer

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