Reflections of Evil 2002
Now, there are cult movies and then there are CULT movies. There are movies that gradually find exposure and a dedicated audience. There are movies that barely make a whimper initially and take years to catch on. And, there are movies so notorious and/or scarce they become the stuff of back alley legend.
Damon Packard's Reflections of Evil (2002) may be the first modern, digital equivalent of the underground cult film.

Bob (played by Packard himself) is an obese, sugar addicted, quite possibly insane, street seller of cheap watches. He still lives with his mother, who despite her henpecking complains cannot control her weird son. Given to Tourretes-like screaming fits and gorging himself on sweets, Bob is a seeming magnet for violence, be it from random pedestrians, homeless people, or dogs that assault him as he walks around LA.

Flashbacks to 1971 reveal Bob as a kid with his mother and sister, Julie (Nicole Vanderhoff), taking a Universal Studios tour. Julie gets off the tram, wanders around the backlot, and stumbles upon a young Steven Spielberg making his first film Something Evil. She then meets the Golden Guru and his followers who entice her with drugs. After what can only be described as a 2001ish psychedelic nightmare, she apparently OD's and is sent into the afterlife where her ghostly spirit wanders. And, eventually, we come to find she is looking for Bob.

Director: Damon Packard
Cast: Damon Packard, Nicole Vanderhoff, Beverly Miller, Tony Curtis
Country: USA

2xDVD5 | NTSC 4:3 | 02:17:41 | 4.14 Gb + 3.06 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Experimental, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

• Original Trailer (2:20)
• Alternate Trailer (1:47)
• Teaser Trailer (2:50)
• Behind the Scenes (21:13)
• Deleted Scenes (2:23)
• Photo Gallery (2:11)
• The Great Packard Lincoln Breakdown (2003) (1:27)
• Chemtrails: An Investigative Report (2004) (5:43)
• Apple, a Packard short (4:36)
• "The Early 70's Horror Trailer" (1999) (9:20)
• U2: Rattle & Packard (1:28)
• Star Wars: The Untitled Mockumentary Trailer (5:05)

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