Ring of Bright Water 1969
Whoever said dog is man's best friend never met Mij! Mij is a cute, cuddly pet shop otter who captures the heart of Graham Merill (Bill Travers). It doesn't take Graham long to realize that London is no place to raise a slippery otter. So he takes Mij to live in a ramshackle cottage on the coast of Scotland. Together they set out to explore the curious and magnificent natural wonders that surround their seaside home--from orphaned geese to tooth-less sharks. While Mij spends his days frolicking in the icy cold sea, Graham finds himself falling in love with the beautiful town doctor, Mary (Virginia McKenna). Before long, the three become inseparable friends.

Ring of Bright Water is based on the eponymous nonfiction autobiography by Gavin Maxwell. It's co-scripted by Travers and director Jack Couffer, who was known for directing Disney nature films.

Director: Jack Couffer
Cast: Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna, Peter Jeffrey
Country: UK, USA
Genre: Comedy, Drama

BD25 | 1080p AVC | 01:46:56 | 20.7 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: English


Audio Commentary by Film Historian Lee Gambin - Gambin gives an insightful thematic analysis of the film. He also talks about the lives and careers of Gavin Maxwell, Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna, and Joseph Strick. This is an astute and very satisfying commentary. In English, not subtitled.

Theatrical Trailer - official US trailer for Ring of Bright Water that's in rather rough condition.

Bonus Trailers - an unrestored trailer for The Earthling (1980) and SpaceCamp (1986), whose image looks much better than the other two trailers.