Rolls-Royce Baby 1975
Very rare non-Jess Franco Lina Romay film directed by Erwin Dietrich, Rolls Royce Baby carries a basic storyline, but its entire purpose is simply to marvel at the beauty and uninhibited abandon of the magnificent Ms. Romay, who has never looked as tantalisingly tempting as she does here.

Rolls-Royce Baby is the perfect example of pornography with elegance in terms of music, design, atmosphere, color, and ultimately sex and masturbation. Lina Romay as Lisa, a sex-addict who is launching into stardom but still needs her sexual fix, just more discreetly. She resorts to constantly masturbating in her private time, hitchhiking to have sex, and eventually getting a chauffeur (Eric Falk) to drive a Rolls-Royce while she has sex in the back seat of her car.

DVD5 | PAL 16:9 | 01:24:08 | 4.21 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, Deutsch, Francais
Subtitles: none
Genre: Adult

Director: Erwin C. Dietrich (as Michael Thomas)
Cast: Lina Romay, Eric Falk, Ursula Maria Schaefer
Country: Switzerland

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