Ruby Gentry 1952
Although the beautiful, sensual Ruby Corey (Jennifer Jones) spent high school living in the house of local big businessman Jim Gentry (Karl Malden), she was born on the wrong side of the tracks and became a local sensation from trumped-up rumors about her love life. Now Ruby’s back working in her father’s hunting lodge. She’s been excluded from the social whirl in her Southern town, even though she catches every man’s eye. Well-born Boake Tackman (Charlton Heston) returns from South America to drain a swamp and make his fortune, and he and Ruby rekindle their fiery teen romance. But when Boake instead weds a more socially acceptable debutante, Ruby goes wild, vowing revenge upon her lover and the whole hypocritical town as well.

Director: King Vidor
Cast: Jennifer Jones, Charlton Heston, Karl Malden, Tom Tully, Phyllis Avery, Frank Wilcox
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Romance

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Language: English
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Subtitles: English, Francais, Espanol

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