Scotland Yard The Complete Series
Scotland Yard was perhaps the best-known series to emerge from Anglo-Amalgamated's output of crime drama. Shot as cinema support features at the company's Merton Park Studios in South Wimbledon, these half-hour thrillers - based on real-life cases from the vaults of London's Metropolitan Police headquarters - were a successful regular feature in cinemas over nearly a decade from the early 1950s onwards. Like sister series Scales of Justice, Scotland Yard is introduced by celebrated writer and criminologist Edgar Lustgarten and presents case after intriguing case, with many solved onscreen by the redoubtable Inspector Duggan (played by Australian-born Russell Napier).

IMDb doesn't recognise Scotland Yard as a series but instead lists all 39 entries as different titles, spanning the period from 1953 to 1961. This set comprises all 39 films, also featuring appearances by Harry H. Corbett, Peter Bowles, John Le Mesurier, Peter Arne and Robert Raglan, among many others.

6xDVD9 + DVD5 | PAL | 1164 minutes | 43.4 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Crime, Short

Disc One:
‘The Drayton Case’ (24:47)
‘The Missing Man’ (29:31)
‘The Candlelight Murder’ (31:24)
‘The Blazing Caravan’ (31:46)
‘The Dark Stairway’ (31:32)
‘Late Night Final’ (28:31)

Disc Two:
‘Fatal Journey’ (30:08)
‘The Strange Case of Blondie’ (31:52)
‘The Silent Witness’ (31:50)
‘Passenger to Tokyo’ (31:14)
‘Night Plane to Amsterdam’ (30:34)
‘The Stateless Man’ (28:36)

Disc Three:
‘The Mysterious Bullet’ (31:09)
‘Murder Anonymous’ (31:58)
‘The Wall of Death’ (30:22)
‘The Case of the River Morgue’ (32:16)
‘Destination Death’ (31:41)
‘Person Unknown’ (31:47)

Disc Four:
‘The Lonely House’ (32:14)
‘Bullet from the Past’ (31:46)
‘Inside Information’ (30:40)
‘The Case of the Smiling Widow’ (31:33)
‘The Mail Van Murder’ (29:10)
‘The Tyburn Case’ (32:24)

Disc Five:
‘The White Cliffs Mystery’ (32:20)
‘Night Crossing’ (31:50)
‘Print of Death’ (26:46)
‘Crime of Honour’ (26:46)
‘The Cross-Road Gallows’ (28:17)
‘The Unseeing Eye’ (27:39)

Disc Six:
‘The Ghost Train Murder’ (31:19)
‘The Dover Road Mystery’ (29:05)
‘The Last Train’ (31:52)
‘Evidence in Concrete’ (28:03)
‘The Silent Weapon’ (27:18)
‘The Grand Junction Case’ (26:48)

Disc Seven:
‘The Never Never Murder’ (29:46)
‘Wings of Death’ (27:41)
‘The Square Mile Murder’ (27:39)
Image Gallery (5:15)