Slameny klobouk / Straw Hat (1972) DVD5
Crazy comedy based on an immensely popular farce by Eugene Labiche with many czech stars of its time.
Fadinard is on the way to his wedding when his horse picks up and eats a straw hat. The owner of the hat is a married woman who, at the time, is in the embrace of a French officer, Lieutenant Tavernier. The officer follows Fadinard to his new home and demands that he finds a substitute hat so that his mistress can return home to her husband without arousing suspicion. Fearing that Tavernier will wreck his new apartment, Fadinard hastens away to his wedding, using every opportunity he can to find a replacement hat. When finally he does manage to find the elusive hat, things becomes even more complicated...

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:25:11 | 4.27 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Czech(Ceske)
Subtitles: English, Czech(Ceske)
Genre: Comedy

Director: Oldrich Lipsky
Cast: Milos Kopecky, Iva Janzurova, Vladimir Mensik
Country: Czechoslovakia

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