Something Wild 1986
The provocative Lulu (Melanie Griffith) picks up divorced young banker Charles Driggs (Jeff Daniels) in a New York diner and half-seduces, half-kidnaps him into an erotic weekend adventure. After a reckless stop at a New Jersey motel, Lulu drives Charles across several states to her hometown. There he learns that her real name is Audrey Hankel, and that the exotic "Lulu" is a veneer hiding the personal problems of a small-town girl. Outfitted in new clothes, Charles accompanies Audrey to her high school reunion, where they meet up with the unusually solicitous Ray Sinclair (Ray Liotta). An impromptu double date takes on an entire new complexion when Ray and Audrey reveal their true relationship ... and that Ray is a convicted felon on a very shaky parole.

BD50, DVD9 | 1080p AVC, NTSC | 01:53:46 | 42.8 Gb + 7.7 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller

Director: Jonathan Demme
Cast: Jeff Daniels, Melanie Griffith, George 'Red' Schwartz
Country: USA


Jonathan Demme interview (34 min.) — Demme discusses just about everything you'd want to know about 'Something Wild'. He talks about casting decisions, and what he believes to be the movie's meaning. He covers much of the filming, writing, rewrites, adlibs, and music choices.

E. Max Frye interview (10 min.) — The film's screenwriter sits down and recalls how the movie changed as it was written and what changes were made to the script, compared to the original.

Original theatrical trailer (3 min)