Starlings (2012) 2 x DVD5
Starlings follows the lives of a typical working-class brood who live near Matlock in Derbyshire. Granddad has recently moved in, following a rabble-rousing incident at the old folks' home. Rather than see him unhappy, Terry and his warm-hearted wife, Jan, decide to move his father in to their already crammed family home.
Making room for him is Charlie, their 16-year-old football-crazy tomboy daughter; work-shy, reptile enthusiast, Gravy; and beautiful Bell and her brand new baby, Zac, who arrives bang on time for the first episode. Then there's Bell's ex-boyfriend, Reuben, trying to get back with her.
Uncle Loz, Granddad's long-lost son and the artist of the family; and last, but not least, Jan's nephew, Fergie, who offers to bivouac in the garden, after being made homeless when his long-suffering partner chucks him out. And that's it, Starlings - a fully-fledged functional family.

2 x DVD5 | PAL 16:9 | 8 x ~45min | 4.36 Gb + 4.36 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English (Dolby AC3, 2 ch)
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy

Cast: Brendan Coyle, Lesley Sharp, Steve Edge, Matt King, Alan Williams
Country: UK

Episode One
The Starlings prepare to expand their homestead for two new additions, including daughter Bell's baby, who is born in a birthing pool located in the living room.

Episode Two
Charlie joins her father's electrical business and has to cope with a hectic schedule of appointments, her first task being to work her charm on the company's elderly clients. Meanwhile, Reuben searches for a job, Gravy ponders an exciting new venture, and the family rallies around Uncle Loz as he makes his debut at a local art exhibition.

Episode Three
Jan decides to enter a short-story competition, but is forced to contend with a number of distractions, including Grandad, who is acting more strangely than usual after doubling up on his arthritis medication. Meanwhile, Bell returns to work on a less-than-glamorous photoshoot, Uncle Loz considers living in a house for Buddhists, and Gravy gets a new girlfriend.

Episode Four
Gravy tries to sample independence when Jan grows concerned about his lifestyle, worrying that her eldest son will live with her for ever. Meanwhile, Terry is forced to face the fact that Charlie is growing up when she goes on her first date, Bell and Reuben's relationship begins to blossom, and Loz and Fergie enter the Monster Machine Extravaganza at a local agricultural show.

Episode Five
Fergie finds himself behind bars after losing his patience in a traffic jam, and Loz has a reunion with his younger brother Lee, who wants him to attend a combat event in Nottingham. Meanwhile, Terry makes plans to defeat his quizzing rival Brian Valentine, Jan dreads attending book club and Grandad goes on a date.

Episode Six
Terry and Jan celebrate their anniversary, but plans to hire a personal chef and have a candlelit bath go awry. Meanwhile, Fergie, Loz, Grandad, Gravy and Charlie embark on a disastrous camping trip, compounded by sprained ankles, poor navigational skills and Grandad's failure to remember to record the Antiques Roadshow.

Episode Seven
Loz's thrill-seeking new girlfriend causes tension between him and Ferg, and threatens to distract the duo from their new business venture - retro taxis. Meanwhile, Bell and Reuben seek relationship advice from a counsellor and Charlie catches the eye of a football scout at a match.

Episode Eight
The death of an old friend visiting from Australia hits Grandad hard, causing the rest of the shocked family to make some big decisions. Terry tries to get Belle and Reuben back together, but Reuben has a new girlfriend, Lou Lou. Fergie drops a bombshell on Loz, announcing he's going on his travels again.

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