Sui Pian / Snippets (2005) DVD5
"If you could really film an entire life in one long shot, is there meaning? Is there even a meaning that can be spoken?" Film student Yan Junjie from the Chinese province of Yunnan records everything that happens in his life between 2001 and 2005: rehearsals with his band, gossiping with friends, scenes at college, at home, in bed with his girlfriend, even the quirky behaviour of his little dog. He films drunken parties, bathing in the lake and over and over again the Chinese New Year. His experiment was about "using film to search for the self". But over the years, he begins to realise that every film is an illusion.

Snippets is a video about the sweet reluctance to become an adult in a country where everyone seems to be seeking only status symbols and advancement. Yan Junjie and his friends belong to a new Chinese generation, uncompromising and free, standing apart from mainstream Chinese society. Yan Junije attempts to capture the irrecoverable moments of youth, a time that is destined to be lost. But all he finds are snippets, fragments and pieces of a unique period of being, of the lust for life.

Director: Yan Junjie
Country: China

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 | 01:25:14 | 4.28 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Chinese
Subtitles: English hardcoded
Genre: Documentary

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