Summer School 1987
Freddy Shoop (Mark Harmon) is a high school phys ed teacher who gets wrangled into teaching summer school English by virtue of being the last teacher out of the parking lot on the last day, because the guy who was supposed to teach that class won a scratch-it lottery (which must have paid out a lot better back then) and blows it off last second. The class he's inherited include a narcoleptic, a pregnant girl, a dumb jock, a frequently inebriated pair of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" fans (who do a paper, jointly, on Rick Baker), a hot foreign girl, a nerdy kid with no neck, and a surfer chick who wants to be Freddy's Lolita. Freddy quickly gets in trouble, and tries to save his job with a wager; if all of Freddy's students pass the English test they all had to fail to get stuck in this situation, he gets to keep his job. And oh yeah, the teacher that ends up helping Freddy (and that Freddy is sweet on) is dating the Vice Principal, who hates Freddy.

DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 01:37:17 | 7.55 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, Francais
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: Carl Reiner
Cast: Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley, Robin Thomas Grossman
Country: USA

• Commentary by Mark Harmon and Carl Reiner
• "Inside the Teachers Lounge" (14 minutes) is a retrospective look at the making of Summer School which contains some archival behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, as well as modern-day comments from Reiner, Harmon, writer Jeff Franklin, and actors Dean Cameron, Ken Olandt, Patrick Labyorteaux, and Robin Thomas. Here we learn that the Kirstie Alley role almost went to Fran Drescher. That would have been a different movie!
• "Summer School Yearbook" (10 minutes) focuses on the young cast, cutting between B-roll and interview footage shot in 1986 and new interviews from the cast that bothered to show up for this DVD. Reiner is the official emcee of the featurette, extolling the wonders of his young troupe of actors.
• Photo gallery - including a still of a deleted dance sequence hinted at by Harmon during the commentary.
• Theatrical trailer

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