Daredevils 1928
The year is 1914. Filipek loses his job as a sommelier and joins the Polish Legions. At the recruitment center, he meets former university student Jerzy. Some time later, they are joined by landowner kazik. But these young "daredevils" buoyed by patriotism are going to face some challanges.

Leonard Buczkowski's feature debut in 1928 is the first Polish film super-production - made with the participation of many military formations, with innovative battle scenes, epoch-making weapons and the latest technical achievements.

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Language: English / Polish Intertitles
Subtitles: English

Director: Leonard Buczkowski
Cast: Boleslaw Szczurkiewicz, Irena Gawecka, Aleksander Starza, Marian Czauski, Jerzy Kobusz, Marek Ozog
Country: Poland
Genre: Drama, War

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