The Agnes Varda Collection
Revered for her bold political and autobiographically inspired work, Agnes Varda is a seminal feminist filmmaker and matriarch of the French New Wave.

Her influential career began in the 1950s with La Pointe Courte - often considered the unofficial first film of the New Wave - and continues seven decades later, as in 2017 she became the first female director to be awarded an honorary Oscar.

Revered for her bold political and autobiographically inspired work The Agnes Varda Collection is a selection of her most illuminating narrative features. The Blu-ray box set contains eight discs spanning six decades of Varda’s feature films, over six hours of special features including interviews, featurettes and short films.

8xBD | 1080p AVC | 790 min | 251 + 3% rec
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Biography, History, Documentary

Included films:

Blu-Ray 1 - La Pointe Courte (1955)
Made outside the French film industry on a shoestring budget, Varda’s debut film about two reunited lovers in a Mediterranean fishing port has been called “truly the first film of the nouvelle vague.”

Blu-Ray 2 - Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962)
Shot entirely on location in the streets of Paris, Cleo chronicles two hours of a pop singer’s life. A score by Michel Legrand and cameos by Legrand, Jean-Luc Godard, and Anna Karina flavor this New Wave classic that proves Varda’s theme, “one isn’t born a woman, one becomes one.”

Blu-Ray 3 - Le Bonheur (1965)
Varda’s strikingly colorful, lyrical film examines a love triangle within a circular structure, as a carpenter seeks happiness with both his wife and his mistress. “Varda fills her frames with riots of nature and color” (Richard Brody).

Blu-Ray 4 - One Sings, the Other Doesn't (1977)
Two very different women search for their place in the world over the course of a decade in Varda’s look at friendship and feminism. “Remains almost unique as a commercial French film concerned with the militant aspects of the women’s movement” (Alison Smith).

Blu-Ray 5 - Vagabond (1985)
The short life and eventual death of a young female drifter forms the basis of Varda’s chilling look at alienation and idealism. “Like so many of the greatest films, it tells us a very specific story, strong and unadorned, about a very particular person” (Roger Ebert).

Blu-Ray 6 - Jacquot De Nantes (1992)
Inspired by the memories of her husband, director Jacques Demy, Varda crafted this affecting and enlightening portrait of the artist as a young boy in 1940s Nantes. “A one-of-a-kind celebration” (New York Times).

Blu-Ray 7 - The Gleaners and I (2000)
Varda’s rumination on the art of “living off the leftovers of others” visits food scavengers and cultural rebels, and finds inspiration in both past and present, rural and urban, the political and the highly personal. “Beautiful, absorbing, and touching” (Jonathan Rosenbaum).

Blu-Ray 8 - The Beaches of Agnes (2008)
Varda takes a cinematic stroll through her long career—and the history of French film—in this first-person documentary. “For all its melancholy and its profound awareness of mortality, [it is] one of the jolliest, more life-affirming self-portraits in recent cinema” (Sight & Sound).

Download The Agnes Varda Collection: La Pointe-Courte / La Pointe Courte (1955), Cleo de 5 a 7 / Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962), Le bonheur / Happiness (1965), L'une chante l'autre pas / One Sings, the Other Doesn't (1977), Sans toit ni loi / Vagabond (1985), Jacquot de Nantes (1991), Les glaneurs et la glaneuse / The Gleaners & I (2000), Les plages d'Agnes / The Beaches of Agnes (2008) 8 x Blu-Ray Artificial Eye:


Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay1.L.part1.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay1.L.part2.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay1.L.part3.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay1.L.part4.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay1.L.part5.rar - 3.8 GB

Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part01.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part02.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part03.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part04.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part05.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part06.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part07.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part08.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay2.L.part09.rar - 537.5 MB

Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay3.L.part1.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay3.L.part2.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay3.L.part3.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay3.L.part4.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay3.L.part5.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay3.L.part6.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay3.L.part7.rar - 3.3 GB

Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay4.L.part1.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay4.L.part2.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay4.L.part3.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay4.L.part4.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay4.L.part5.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay4.L.part6.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay4.L.part7.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay4.L.part8.rar - 1.5 GB

Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part01.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part02.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part03.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part04.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part05.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part06.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part07.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part08.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay5.L.part09.rar - 2.8 GB

Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay6.L.part1.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay6.L.part2.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay6.L.part3.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay6.L.part4.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay6.L.part5.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay6.L.part6.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay6.L.part7.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay6.L.part8.rar - 2.7 GB

Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay7.L.part1.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay7.L.part2.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay7.L.part3.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay7.L.part4.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay7.L.part5.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay7.L.part6.rar - 2.4 GB

Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay8.L.part1.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay8.L.part2.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay8.L.part3.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay8.L.part4.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay8.L.part5.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay8.L.part6.rar - 4.7 GB
Agnes.Varda.Collection.AE.BluRay8.L.part7.rar - 4.2 GB

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