Cliff Richard Movie Collection
The three nostalgic British musicals in the Cliff Richard Collection are a good reminder that, thanks to a few short years in the 1960s, Sir Cliff can legitimately include "film star" on his already exceptional show business resume.
The Young Ones, Summer Holiday, and Wonderful Life would make tame fare for a teen audience today, but they retain a polished and honest charm that might surprise the sharpest of cynics.

DVD9 + DVD5 | PAL 16:9 | 329 minutes | 6.84 Gb + 3.71 Gb
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Comedy, Musical, Romance

The Young Ones
Nicky Black (Cliff Richard) spends his days nurturing his singing and dancing skills at the local teen club with all his friends. He has a healthy, albeit adversarial, relationship with his greedy, business-minded father, Hamilton Black (Robert Morley), that's tested to the limit when Hamilton announces his plans to flatten the teen club and replace it with a business center. Nicky, his girlfriend Toni (Carole Gray) and a cast of merry mop tops decide to stage a song and dance variety show to raise the needed funds to save their hangout from the wrecking ball. All is fine and dandy, until dad catches wind of Dorinda (Sonya Cordeau), their surprise guest vocalist, and steals her away from the project. With their hopes of survival dashed, the kids devise a plan to steal airtime from the BBC to promote both their club and Nicky's calling to the world of pop music.

Wonderful Life
Cruise ship entertainer Johnnie (Cliff Richard) and his buddies wind up on the set of a lavish film production. Johnnie falls for Jenny (Susan Hampshire), and they spend their days playing make-believe and serenading one another on the movie sets while nobody's looking.

In Summer Holiday, Cliff Richard plays Don, a mechanic for London Transport. He's bored with his daily working activities and the drab city life of London. He convinces the city to let him use a double-decker bus to travel across Europe, and sets off for a couple of weeks of carefree rest and relaxation. Along the way, he and his buddies pick up a car-full of stranded women, and Barbara (Lauri Peters), a popular singer on the lamb from her overbearing mother. Soon enough, Don and Barbara start to explore their attraction to each other. But in the meantime, they've got the Alps, Paris and the ruins of Athens, Greece to distract them.

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