The Corporation 2003
Did you know there were water riots in Bolivia in early 2000? Poor urban Bolivians actually took to the streets over water… not because there wasn’t enough to go around but because the American construction and engineering firm Bechtel had taken over the country’s privatized water infrastructure, including — and here’s the really insidious, practically downright evil part — rainwater. A multibillion-dollar corporation was telling poor people that they were forbidden to collect rainwater, that they must buy water — at hideously jacked-up prices, of course — from Bechtel.

But you don’t hear about situations like these from major media because they, too, are owned and managed by multibillion-dollar corporations who have priorities other than your state of informedness in mind: namely, money. The dominance of “the corporation” as the all-pervasive driving force of our economy and even of our culture is the terrifying subject of this, Jennifer Abbott, Mark Achbar, and Joel Bakan’s angry, bitter, but frequently funny, funky, and mesmerizing in-your-face documentary.

'The Corporation' is amusing, engaging, and often shocking, and sure to spark conversations afterward. Judging from the amount of ink spilled in several leading business publications to discredit the film it has they’ve clearly touched a nerve.

Directors: Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott
Cast: Mikela Jay, Rob Beckwermert, Christopher Gora
Country: Canada

2 x DVD9 | NTSC 16:9 | 02:23:54 | 7.74 Gb + 7.79 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, English Audio Descriptive
Subtitles: English, Francais, Espanol
Genre: Documentary, History


*The Film
• Audio commentary by co-director, co-producer & co-cinematographer Mark Achbar and co-director & editor Jennifer Abbott
• Audio commentary by screenwriter Joel Bakan
• 8 Q's & A's (Play all 27:19):
-- How did this film come together? (5:01)
-- Is the film meant to be all encompassing? (1:33)
-- How do you avoid marginalization? (1:01)
-- How did you get CEOs to be in the film? (2:35)
-- Where did the money come from? (1:06)
-- How do you account for the popularity of documentaries? (2:44)
-- What is the significance of you being Canadians? (0:49)
-- What do we need to do? (12:30)
• 8 Deleted Scenes (Play all 16:47):
-- Adbusters: Economists Must Learn To Subtract (0:27)
-- Kernaghan/Walker: Office Tours (2:10)
-- Chris and Luke: The Homeless Need Sponsors (0:28)
-- Mark Barry: Soldier Of Fortune (500) (2:06)
-- Tom Kline: Wrap Up (0:30)
-- Jonathan Ressler: Undercover Marketing Is Everywhere (0:39)
-- Wilson/Akre: rBGH Health Questions (0:48)
-- Psycho Therapies: Introduction (9:39)
• Majority Report Interview with Joel Bakan (39:16)
• Katherine Dodds on Grassroots Marketing (6:58)
• DVD Credits (1:45)
• Theatrical Trailer (1:54)
• Trailer for Another Release: Manufacturing Consent (2:39)
• Easter egg (2:54)

• 165 unseen interview clips with 40 of the participants in the documentary arranged in two ways: by person in a section called "Hear More From" (324:45)
• or under 22 topic headings in a section called "Topical Paradise" (324:45)
• By Person: Related Web Resources (40 Stills)
• In addition, a 23rd heading in the Topical Paradise section entitled Related Film Resources contains 15 Trailers for Other Releases (32:41):
-- McLibel
-- Outfoxed
-- What Barry Says
-- Supersize Me
-- The Take
-- Culture Jam
-- Confessions of a Burning Man
-- Scared Sacred
-- The Future of Food
-- Fourth World War
-- Surplus
-- Civilizing the Economy
-- Battle's Poison Cloud
-- Friendship Village
-- Wal-Town
• DVD-ROM Content:
-- Logos
-- Marketing Materials
-- Weblinks