The Italian / An Italian / Der Italiener / Italianetz / Итальянец (2005) DVD5
Vanya is a six-year-old boy who lived with many other boys in a run-down Russian orphanage. The headmaster is overwhelmed by the challenges of taking care of these children, most of whom were abandoned by their parents. One of the brightest moments in the lives of these bedraggled and lonely children had came when "Madam" showed up with parents who wanted to adopt a child.
Vanya lucked out enough . He was chosen by a rich Italian couple who immediately have fell in love with him. The other orphans felt envy him and his good fortune to be given the chance for a better life. But Vanya was not so sure. The boy dreamed to find his own mother, so he decided to set off in search of her. It was the period of the opening and encounters with the mysterious and dangerous world. The world of children with their own laws. And there is sometimes one's heart speaks louder than an intellect.

DVD5 | PAL 4:3 (720x576) VBR | 01:38:38 | 4.08 Gb + 3% rec
Russian (Dolby AC3, 2 ch, 384Kbps)
Subtitles: Deutsch, English
Genre: Drama

Director: Andrei Kravchuk
Actors: Kolya Spiridonov, Maria Kuznetsova, Nikolai Reutov, Jurij Ickov, Denis Moiseenko, Sasha Sirotkin

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