Luc Moullet Collection
This comprehensive set collects some of French New Wave director Luc Moullet's greatest films, including: THE SMUGGLERS, an imaginative and low-budget slapstick about a pair of criminals; A GIRL IS A GUN, a wild and very French take on the Western starring Truffaut muse Jean-Pierre Leaud as a Billy the Kid-like outlaw; BRIGITTE AND BRIGITTE, in which two identically-named women move to Paris to study film (allowing for cameos by legendary directors Sam Fuller, Claude Chabrol, and Eric Rohmer); UP AND DOWN, an absurdist look at a group of cyclists racing through the French Alps; ANATOMY OF A RELATIONSHIP, a playful examination of Moullet's marriage and nonfunctional sex life; and GENESIS OF A MEAL which follows the journey -- from creation to consumption -- of four essential parts of this unique director's diet: a banana, an omelet, a can of tuna, and a reel of 35mm film.

3 x DVD9 | NTSC | 480 minutes | 22.4 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Francais
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Sport, Western, Documentary

Anatomie d'un rapport / Anatomy of a Relationship
Director Luc Moullet plays a movie director who is having a hard time making ends meet and is also having a hard time satisfying his wife. In the film, they fight and talk, make up, talk and fight.

Genese d'un repas / Origins of a Meal
In this documentary, Luc Moulet investigates the sources for the foods he is eating at the outset of the film: tuna and bananas. When he investigates the French labels on his tuna, he discovers that the fish were actually caught in Senegal, and his bananas came from Ecuador. The people who caught the fish and the growers of the bananas are interviewed, and their economic hardships are clearly underscored.

Brigitte et Brigitte / Brigitte and Brigitte
Two young women, dressed in identical clothes, meet at a railway station in Paris. It so happens they are both called Brigitte and have both come from provincial towns to begin their university studies in the capital. With some difficulty, they find a place to live, and once they have settled into their apartment they become the best of friends. It is only then that their differences become apparent...

Parpaillon / Up and Down
A bicycle race is held every year in a pass of the Alps called Parpaillon. With the energy of a skillful cyclist perhaps as a great tribute to Francois, the mailman played by Tati in The Big Day, Moullet makes a comedy by pedaling at a pace that allows him to reinvent the possibilities of film gags. La Cabale des oursins is a guided tour to the northern France, transformed into a Geography lesson in the pataphysical style of an Alfred Jarry disciple.

Les contrebandieres / The Smugglers
Unhappy with her regimented existence in the city, Brigitte flees to the border and begins a new life as a smuggler with Johnny, a former customers inspector. They are joined by Francesca, a pacifist fugitive from the fascist government on the other side of the border. As the two women compete for Johnny's attentions, all three of them end up being pursued across country by customs men and the smugglers' union.

Une aventure de Billy le Kid / A Girl Is a Gun
After successfully holding up a stage coach, Billy the Kid had difficulty getting away with his bootie. Pursued by lawmen, he takes flight and comes across a young woman named Ann who claims to have just survived an attack by Cherokee Indians. For some reason, the woman is determined to stay with him, come what may.
Billy thinks she is madly in love with him. In truth, she is the widow of a man he has recently murdered...

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