Machine Girl Remix
Ami is a typical college girl. She's bright, friendly, popular and athletic, with nothing to set her apart from other girls her age other than the fact that she is an orphan, left to care for her younger brother after her father committed suicide after being falsely accused of murder. Ami refuses to turn a blind eye when thugs at her school subjected her little brother to needless cruelty. Ami retaliates against the vicious kids and their folks, which turns out to be a dangerous decision when she discovers some of them are connected to local gangsters. Ami is kidnapped by strong-arm men whose intimidation tactics include cutting off one of her arms, but Ami refuses to let the criminals go unpunished. With the help of a mechanic sympathetic to her cause, Ami's arm is replaced with a high-caliber machine gun, and she is transformed into a single-minded killing machine in a school uniform.

DVD9 + DVD5 | NTSC 16:9 | 01:37:08 | 7.78 Gb + 1.53 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Director: Noboru Iguchi
Cast: Minase Yashiro, Asami, Kentaro Shimazu
Country: USA, Japan

-- Behind The Scenes
-- Trailer
-- Machine Girlite - In this spin-off short film, Amy's friend Noriko, is also given a special weapons upgrade after the tragic events that took place in "The Machine Girl". Hilarity and madness ensue!

Download The Machine Girl Remix: Kataude mashin garu / The Machine Girl (2008), The Hajirai Machine Girl / Machine Girlite (2009) DVD9 + DVD5:



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