Madness Trilogy
This DVD consists of 3 movies aimed at educating about the dangers of drugs and sex through hilarious acting.

Welcome to the glorious world of crude cinematography, jarring editing, bizarre dialogue, acting that ranges from stilted to overwrought, and a weird mixture of over-the-top sentimentality, lurid lip smacking, and stern warnings about immorality--this is the world of 1930s social-hygiene films, out to rid the U.S. of dope fiends and sex maniacs. All in all, a strange and fascinating look at America's love-hate relationship with sex and drugs.

DVD9 | NTSC 4:3 | 03:01:34 | 6.75 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Genre: Drama

Reefer Madness
Reefer Madness has also been titled Tell Your Children and The Burning Question. Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, Reefer Madness was meant to be a serious warning to viewers about the dangers of marijuana. The film today is so hilarious because the notion of marijuana use in the 1930s was so inaccurate that it destroyed all credibility the film ever had. Reefer is described as causing high school kids to become instantly addicted turning them into violent terrorists, sex maniacs and leading to outrageous behavior, accidents and murder!

Cocaine Fiends
Cocaine Fiends was directed by William A. O'Connor. The film is about a small town girl who is lured to the big city by drug-running gangsters that turn her into a cocaine addict. Later her brother, now also in the big city, becomes addicted to cocaine and spends all of his time in a rat infested apartment with his drug-using girlfriend. To support their drug habits, the girlfriend turns to prostitution. When she discovers she is pregnant she turns on the gas jets to their stove and commits suicide. Includes drugs, sex and swing music, this movie is unintentionally hilarious!

Sex Madness
Sex Madness is a film dealing with the evils and perils of sex and serves as a warning to all boys and girls about the dangers a little fun can bring them. A beauty pageant queen heads to the big city to find fame and fortune and gets caught up in a web of deceit, lies, sins and venereal diseases. The director and cast are unpublicized probably due to the film's taboo subject and social climate of the 1930s. If you thought Reefer Madness was funny you'll love the campy ride that Sex Madness takes you on.

Download The Madness Trilogy: Reefer Madness / Tell Your Children (1936), The Cocaine Fiends / The Pace That Kills (1935), Sex Madness / They Must Be Told (1938) DVD9:


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