The Mary Pickford Signature Collection
Mary Pickford (1892-1979) was a multifaceted pioneer of early cinema. She was a talented performer, a creative producer and a savvy businesswoman who helped shape the film industry as we know it today.

Mary Pickford rose steadily to fame at a time when there was no path to follow. Actresses who came after her, such as Joan Crawford and Jean Harlow, cut pictures from fan magazines, pinned them to their walls and dreamed of stardom. Mary was known as "the girl with the curls" and "the Biograph girl" before audiences learned her name; fan magazines were created because of stars like Mary Pickford. In fact, the very first issue of Photoplay in 1912 featured Mary dressed in character for Little Red Riding Hood.

Her first film director was D.W. Griffith and she went on to work with most of the greats of her era such as Cecil B. De Mille, Allan Dwan, James Kirkwood, Marshall Neilan, Sidney Franklin, Maurice Tourneur and Ernst Lubitsch. Her career was buoyed by fellow professionals who were also friends, including the cinematographer Charles Rosher and the screenwriter Frances Marion, at a time when the art form was in a near constant state of change.

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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance

The Poor Little Rich Girl (Maurice Tourneur, 1917)
"Americas Sweetheart," Mary Pickford, in her first appearance as a child in a major film - an enchanting masterpiece of the early American cinema. Little Mary (who was 24 at the time) plays Gwendolyn, a rich girl with everything she could want - palatial mansion, huge wardrobe, an army of servants - except the one thing she wants most, love. Dad is preoccupied with business and mom with social activities, leaving Gwen completely alone and friendless. "Empty hearts, empty lives, empty home - poor little rich girl." Given an overdose of sleeping medicine by careless servants, Gwen lapses into a fantastic, bizarre dream, where she wanders in the garden of Lonely Children, searching for happiness.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Marshall Neilan, 1917)
Again, Pickford portrays a very young girl in this adaptation of an American classic that has served as basis for several film productions. Rebecca is an illegitamate child of exceedingly poor parents, who is sent to live with her two spinster aunts. During the story, which spans several years, she wins the hearts of her two eccentric and harsh aunts, overcomes the prejudices of the townspeople, acquires an education, and finds love.

Pollyanna (Paul Powell, 1920)
After the death of her father, Pollyanna, whose credo has always been "Just be glad," goes to live with her cranky old Aunt Polly. Although Pollyanna wins the townsfolk over with good deeds such as finding a home for the orphaned Jimmie Bean, Aunt Polly remains unmoved, still heartsick over an early romance with the village doctor. One day, in an attempt to save a child, Pollyanna is run over by a car and paralyzed, finally forcing Aunt Polly to realize how much the child means to her. Upon learning that only Dr. Chilton can save the girl, Aunt Polly swallows her pride and goes to her old sweetheart.

Little Annie Rooney (William Beaudine, 1925)
Annabelle 'Little Annie' Rooney stars Mary Pickford as a tomboy of the tenements who tends to her brother and widowed father in a multi-ethnic New York neighborhood, recreated entirely on the backlot of the Pickford Fairbanks studio. Her crush on a young man from a rival gang results in complications when he is charged with murder. Pickford produced, starred in and wrote this comedy with pathos (under the name of Catherine Hennessey).

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