The New Centurions (1972) DVD5
Experiences of modern-day Los Angeles policemen portraying their hazards, adventures and rewards.
An idealistic rookie cop joins the LAPD to make ends meet while finishing law school, and is indoctrinated by a seasoned veteran. As time goes on, he loses his ambitions and family as police work becomes his entire life.
Based on the novel by Joseph Wambaugh.

DVD5 | NTSC 16:9 | 01:43:03 | 3.48 Gb + 3% rec
Language: English, Francais
Subtitles: English, Francais
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Director: Richard Fleischer
Cast: George C. Scott, Stacy Keach, Jane Alexander, Scott Wilson
Country: USA

• Martini Minute: "How To Pull Off a Heist" featurette
• Martini Minute: "How To Hold Your Liquor" featurette
• Theatrical Trailer

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