The Stone Cross 1968
Based on a script by Ivan Drach and adapted from the writings of Vasyl Stefanyk, it depicts an old man in Western Ukraine who tires of working his barren plot of land and decides to emigrate with his family to Canada. On the eve of his departure, he catches a thief on his farm and plans to kill him, but succumbs to compassion while his neighbors stand fast in their rigid code of honor. As a memorial to his life in his homeland, he leaves a stone cross on a hill. The next day, a farewell party is held by Ivan prior to his family's departure, but a sense of sorrow lingers in the air. Saying farewell for the last time to his fellow villagers Didukh with his family leaves his native land...

DVD9 | PAL 4:3 | 01:16:37 | 5.49 Gb + 3% rec
Language: Russian, Ukrainian
Subtitles: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Genre: Drama

Director: Leonid Osyka
Cast: Borislav Brondukov, Daniil Ilchenko, Yekaterina Mateyk, Ivan Mykolaichuk
Country: Soviet Union (Ukraine)

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Download The Stone Cross / Kaminnyy khrest / Kamennyy krest / Камінний хрест / Каменный крест (1968) DVD9:


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